G2RC Small Reversible Rain Cover


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These Reversible Waterproof Rain Covers are tailor made to fit our smaller backpacks, in the size class of the Gunslinger and the X1. We know how important it is to keep your stuff dry when youre out in the weather. So weve made covers that will give you every option. The G2RC is big enough to go over our daypacks when theyre loaded up, and can even cover a gun in the scabbard. Or, you can leave the gun uncovered in case youre in a place where you think youll need it quickly. The blaze side is a great way to flag your pack if you remove it to make a stalk.

Why offer a rain cover when our pack fabric is waterproof? Think driving rain, when its impossible to keep the innards of a backpack dry without an honest rain cover. If youre going to be out for an extended trip in wet weather, or youll be bivvying your pack, youll appreciate having a nice rain cover along.

Weight: 9 oz

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Weight 0.7 lbs

UNICAM/Snow-tech, Unicam / Blaze Orange, Mountain / Blaze Orange


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