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Tactical Pack Camouflage

We've developed UNICAM based on requests from our customers in the special operations community.  UNICAM, standing for universal camouflage, is an excellent all-around pattern, designed to blend with moderate amounts of shrubbery, and/or dry earth.  Its primary colors are tans, with just enough green and dark olive to provide pattern-breakup, as a truly good camouflage should do.  Here's a report from the field:

"I just wanted to provide you some feedback concerning the Unicam
Halftrack I got back in the middle of January.  The pack carried everything that I needed and I was able
to divide my load between mission essential items that were easy to
retrieve and life sustainment items.  The sleek design made it easy to
move through tight spaces like narrow doorways.  The manner in which the
pack rode was the most comfortable that I have ever experienced in my
almost 20 years of service as both a Reconnaissance Marine and as a
Light Infantryman.  The Unicam camo pattern blended in well with the
Multicam uniform and equipment I was wearing during this patrol and more
importantly with the terrain we were operating in.  
Thanks for making an outstanding product that is affordable for the
service member.  You guys rock and I have recommended your products to
everyone I have come across who conducts patrols...
I'll try to get some (photos) that show how well the Unicam blends in with the terrain in this area of Iraq at
this time of year.  -- 
J. C. O.  SSG, USA  3-144 IN

G4MU Operator                     F3MU Halftrack                       J107MU  Dragonfly                  GS05MU Gunslinger

  More camo options below:

Our version of US Army ACU (ARPAT) is designed to blend with the ACU uniform.  But at the same time, recognizing that snipers don't like ACU very much, we used an olive-based dye selection.  This makes our pattern subtly darker than regular ACU, which improves its performance in vegetated desert and woodland areas.

If you're a tactical operator, then you know that operators often paint their packs.  If you're not one, here's your introduction to the fact.  Anyway, we like our Khaki Tan color pattern because it's a great blank palette.  You'd never know that the pack on the right started life looking like the one on the left -- yet it's brand-new; just sniper-goin'-to-the-field ready.


Our solid colors are also excellent in the field.  Take a look at this link:  Dry Earth and other solids


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