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"Just One" Hunting Packs

U.S. Patents 6,637,633,  6,763,987.    Other Patents Pending.

Just One backpacks combine versatility and performance.  Made to go out light and come back heavy, they perform equally well as daypacks or as freighters.  This pack design has evolved to the point where we think it's "pretty darn good."  (And we're picky).  Because we know that there are many different pack styles that will appeal to different personal preferences, we offer two versions of the Just One:  the supple, smaller J34, and the firmer and slightly larger J107, with its high grade suspension.  We've done this because there are equally good reasons to make the pack one way or the other, and rather than choose a narrow road, we've decided to make both.  This way, you can choose which one best suits your personal preference.  Scroll below and read more to learn about the system, and then click on either of the packs' buttons to learn more about the model.

Please note:  You will find references to earlier models of this pack.  Earlier models of the pack system, the J1, J104 and J105, are all in service out there.  These all are great packs, but of course we're always tinkering with them trying to make them better.  The latest versions of the system are:

J34          J107

To understand the philosophy that goes into the Just One, picture this scenario:  You are going for a multi-day hunt.  You choose a Just One, because with this single pack, you can address all of the coming activities.  Heading out of the house, you load the pack fully, with a Spike Camp Duffel carried externally, and it's a big 7000 cubic inches.  It has multiple tie-down points for the external attachment of tents, sleeping bags, and whatever else you can carry.  If you're hunting with a gun, you'll really appreciate being able to pack in with it in your Backscabbard.  When you get to camp, you download your pack.  Maybe you've used two Spike Camp Duffels, with one on the outside and one carried in the internal cargo compartment.  So, now in camp, you have two 2500 cubic inch duffel bags to leave in your tent and keep all of your gear, food, etc. organized.    Next, you close up your pack into its compact, 2300 or 2900 cubic inch daypack mode (2100 cubic inch mode if you use the J107 without the removable top pack).  The layout of the pack is perfect for keeping your essential hunting gear organized; unlike packs with larger compartments, your stuff doesn't migrate around the interior of the Just One.  So, when you need to find your lunch, your raingear, or your cleaning tools, you know just where to look.  The size of the long vertical pockets, with both top and side access, is perfect for spotting scopes or other long items.  There's a place for everything. 

For more information about attaching a Spike Camp Duffel, and attaching gear click:

Pack Tips

Once in awhile you get a load that doesn't fit inside of the Just One.  Take a look at this photo for proof that it's a great pack frame: (Click Here to see full photo)

With Spike Camp Duffel outboard, at around 8000 cubic inches of internal space, with more gear attached externally, the Just One can grow into a monster pack.  If you need to carry more than this, it's time to get a pack mule.

Notice the narrow profile of the Just One when it's in the compact configuration.  The Backscabbard carries a gun in the best position; it doesn't get in your way, the gun is fully protected, and you can easily pull it out with just two handholds.


Later, as you head out for a day's hunt, you carry your rifle in the scabbard.  If you're bow hunting, you can strap your bow to the pack for your hike into your hunting area.  Either way, when you get close to where you expect to see game, you take your gun or your bow out/off of the pack, and begin your stalk.  You'll notice that while you move, the pack is very quiet and comfortable.  It rides right behind your torso. 

After you've bagged your game, the true beauty of the pack begins to show itself.  Gone are the days when you have to hike off of the mountain to get a meat pack.  With the Just One's cavernous meat compartment, you can carry a substantial load of meat out on your first trip.  Under a heavy load, the pack is extremely comfortable.  And, if it's not riding right, it's easy to readjust to get the perfect fit.


Pretty good performance for a daypack! Nevada guide Thomas Brunson with a 140 lb. load of bull elk on his J104 (actually, it was his client's.  But he liked the pack so much that he talked the client into giving it to him for a tip!)

         A hunter packs out an entire mule deer.


Depending on how much gear you brought in and the size of the animal that you've bagged, you can carry meat and camp out all in one trip.  Put the heavy stuff -- the meat -- in the internal meat compartment so that it rides close to your body.  Strap your gear onto the outside of the pack with your Spike Camp Duffel, and off you go. 

 There's nothing like a Just One to add to your hunting success.

Of course, it should be noted that the Just One is not just for multi-day hunts.  It was really designed for the simple task of a day's outing.  You go up lightweight, you bag something, and you carry it out.  For the really rough stuff, you use the pack to carry your weapon, so that your hands are free for tackling the environment.  We could go on, because there's much more to be said about this product, but we invite you to explore more for yourself.  Our customers are the ones who tell us the most surprising things about the pack.  We're often told that we've thought of everything.  The truth is, we haven't.  But the more important truth is that we've developed something that has complete versatility built in, so that you will be able to make it do everything that you want a backpack to do.  So, whether you're hunting, fishing, or going camping, the Just One oughtta prove itself to be one of your best companions.  We hope you enjoy it.

"Go In Light, Come Out Heavy."



Tip:  you can, of course, carry a scope and tripod internally, in the long front pockets or the outer tuck-pockets.  But if you want to save internal space, and have quickest access to the scope, put the assembled scope and tripod onto the pack as shown at left, and wrap the pack around it with the compression straps.  Your valuable scope will be fully protected, and when it comes time to start glassing you'll just undo two of the large compression buckles, drop tripod legs, and get started!  (See more about this by clicking on the Tips link below).

In 2007 our Just One was honored by Canada Outdoor Magazine as the "Best Pack Design."

Q Going flying to get to your hunt?  The Just One, the Gunslinger, the Slingshot, and the X1 all make great carry-ons.  The waist belts are removable, and on scabbard packs they can be tucked up into the pack in the same pocket that the scabbard tucks into.  This way, your essential gear can be carried on to the plane, and you'll be sure to have it when you get to your destination.

More information about our packs is available on our Tech Tips page:

Pack Tips


The Just One and the Skycrane employ our patented Cam Expansion System.  As you can see at left, the Just One breaks open to deploy a mesh-fronted cargo compartment.  The mesh is used, because this pack is made to carry meat, and we want it to be able to cool in warm weather.  But it's also great for carrying things like fishing waders!

Want a solid-fronted pack for carrying gear? Then either use our Spike Camp Duffel and drop it inside the pack, or use our reversible zip-in panel to convert the Just One to a solid-fronted conventional pack, as shown below.

See our Accessories page for useful products to round out your Just One!


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