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This member of the Just One family is at the leading edge of backpack design. With all of the features of our other Just Ones, the Dragonfly raises the bar, featuring a high tech suspension system, a huge range of adjustability, and more patented and proprietary features than any hunting pack made. A slate of premium features includes a full framesheet, which augments the internal aluminum stays to give a very stable load bearing platform, and a fully adjustable shoulder harness and beefy #10 zippers. If you're thinking about a Just One pack, and feel that you'd be most comfortable with a firmer platform for carrying a heavy load, or if the vertically adjustable shoulder yoke assembly appeals to you, choose a J107.

*To achieve the full capacity of a Just One type pack, attach a Spike Camp Duffel externally. Spike Camp Duffels are sold separately.

The J107 has a look and a feel that demonstrates the level of detail that has gone into producing this product. Some things you encounter in life are just "right." We hope you'll feel this is one of them.

  The removable top compartment has a pull-out waist belt, giving you the option of hunting with a generously sized, hydration compatible fanny pack. This feature also allows you to minimize the size of the main pack.  

The compression straps on our packs are big and beefy for good reason. We've seen grizzly skins and full body elk capes, and varied loads weighing as much as 177 lbs. attached to the exterior our packs using only these straps. So they serve good purpose. But their primary purpose, which is sometimes overlooked, is to compress the contents of the pack, so as to stabilize, compact, and quiet the load. Think of it like tying your shoes. If you don't snug them up, the results won't be as good as if you do.

Secondly, as the packs have evolved, we've added small webbing loops to the main panel of the pack, at the forward side of the scabbard layer, as shown in the photo at left. These allow you to compress the scabbard layer if you choose to do so. However, if your particular rig works better with the scabbard layer un-compressed (for example, to allow your rifle to slide in and out more easily), then just bypass the loops, and go directly around the pack.

The straps are long enough to go around a full Super Spike Duffel that's mounted to the outside of your pack. If you find that you don't have enough length with the compression straps routed through the webbing loops, then again you will want to bypass the loops, and go directly around the pack, as shown at lower right.

Combine the J107 with our ButtBucket and Ripcord Bowtether kit as shown here, and you've got a great bowhunter's pack!

Click here for directions for using the Dragonfly with the ButtBucket.

Our Dragonfly pack is available in the J107M version, which has the following differences from the J107H that's shown on this page:

-Large scabbard for tactical weapons / Solid front in place of mesh panel / Internal radio pocket
Click here to see the J107M.
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