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G3M, as Reviewed by the NTOA's Member Tested and Recommended Program:



Overall Score: 5





Tested by a police officer from Pennsylvania


Design 5

Performance 5

Ease of Use 5

Size 5

Quality 5

Durability 5

Storage 5

Versatility 5

Convenience 5

Application 5

Comfort 5


Cleaning & Maintenance 5

Individual Score 5


I tested the Eberlestock “Phantom Sniper Pack”. http://www.eberlestock.com.

This pack is two packs in one, there is a drag bag and a backpack. The Phantom sniper pack is unique for more than just the integration of the drag bag and a backpack. The foundation of the Phantom, as I see it, is that the waist belt and the shoulder harness can be removed from the pack and put on the drag bag. The shoulder harness and waist belt are well padded, the waist belt is five inches wide and distributes the weight of the loaded Phantom well, it fells like less weight is on the shoulders. The waist belt has three rows of PALS on either side of the buckle. As a unit it is hard to tell that the drag bag and the pack are separate pieces. By my count there are nine attachment points between the drag bag and the pack. There is a full length zipper on each side, along with two buckles on each side, one on the top and one at the bottom, that secure a hard tab into web loop. There is another buckle on each side from the shoulder harness. Finally, and this is a good example of the attention to detail, there is a “T” shaped section of the Cordura (the material that the entire Phantom is made of) that is part of the opening of the drag bag (Backscabbard™) and attached to the pack via Velcro. My best guess is that this is here to prevent you from accidentally sheathing the rifle between the Backscabbard™ and the pack. It (the “T” shaped piece of material) serves as a guide ramp for the rifle. The drag bag/ Backscabbard™ are rather straight forward yet completely functional. The drag bag is wide enough to fit a rifle muzzle up or down.


The pack on the other hand has pockets inside of pockets and not one inch of wasted space. Starting on top there is a large zippered compartment approximately 8”Wx6”Dx3”H, the zipper on this compartment opens like a Large Mouth Bass. The top has three PALS racks on it. On either side of the main compartment are three more compartments; closest to the center is a pocket that will hold a three-liter hydration system with a tiered clip that is so marked. Next is an 18”x6”x2.5 pocket that has a buckle down flap cover and a buckled strap to cinch down on the contents of the pocket and four PALS racks. Finally there is a 7” pocket with elastic around the opening. The main compartment is about 20”x10”x8”, the zipper opens all but the bottom side of the compartment. Inside there are pockets on both sides, and on the back there is also a divider that can be folded up and secured with Velcro to divide the large center compartment in half. There are two rows of PALS racks on the inside sides and eight rows on the inside of the flap. The outside of the flap has another pocket and nine rows of PALS that end on the bottom of the center compartment. Nicely tucked away on the bottom is another zippered pocket that contains a pull over rain cover.


For the last 12 years I have been searching for a method of transporting and carrying my rifle and the gear that I need for a job. I have tried drag bags from two different manufactures and one drag bag that folds out into a shooting mat. All three worked for their intended purpose. However, I still need another pack for the rest of my gear. Here-in lays the problem. How do I wear two backpacks? The short answer is the “Phantom Sniper Pack”. I loaded all of the gear that I normally deploy with and there was still room left! I loaded my data book, 10X50 binoculars, Kestrel weather meter, urban hide kit, rain gear, night vision, power bars, personal confront items, a small tripod and spotting scope, and ammo (and of course a rifle). While lifting the pack was a bit of a chore, once on, the weight is so well distributed that it was easily manageable. When I packed my short sniper rifle (18.5 inch barrel) I could not get my arm back far enough to reach it. The addition of some high density foam under the rifle muzzle to raise it up in the scabbard did the trick, and was easy as there is a six inch zippered access point at the end of the drag bag

The design and functionality are excellent as is the construction and craftsmanship. Mr. Eberle designed a system that seamlessly integrates two distinct packs into one. I strongly recommend that you check out his products or at least the web site to see his many innovative designs and packs!




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