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     CFW Carbon Fiber and Wood Laminate Rifle Stocks from Eberlestock

You might be inclined to think that our CFW rifle stocks look the way that they do just because we wanted to be different.  If so, we invite you to look more closely.  We've left tradition to the traditionalists, and developed our own special design, which defines its own elegance.  We make our rifle stocks in this configuration for a number of very specific reasons.  This wholly unique variety of gunstock has its own logic.  From the ground-up, this is our perspective of what a large caliber hunting rifle should be.

Take a close look at the lines of our stocks, and you'll see that, like a fine sports car, there is nothing out of place.  The shape is what it is for a reason, and as a complete concept it works very well.

First developed in 1987, the CFW design grew out of our experience engineering performance-based stocks for the Olympic sport of biathlon.  These refined works of art are the only stocks in the world that combine our proprietary combination of carbon fiber and laminated wood.  They are lightweight, ultra-strong, weather proof, and ergonomically superior to any rifle stock made.  The proof comes in firing one.  We typically demonstrate our stocks alongside a factory model, and shooters are amazed at the difference.  The difference, in a nutshell, is that traditional stocks fit like a shovel handle, but our patented design gives a perfect interface between shooter and the barrel/sight/trigger mechanism.  It is made to fit you.  It reduces felt-recoil, improves trigger control, and thereby increases the shooter's confidence. 

There is a good deal more to the CFW than meets the eye.  First, it is strong.  Hidden behind its graceful lines is a matrix of engineered wood laminate, biased carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel.  This combination was tougher than all other material combinations in our testing.  So, while other manufacturers might make a tough gun, it isn't tough like this one.  Secondly, it is, as you'd expect, lightweight.  And even though our rifles are lightweights, they are more comfortable to shoot than typical heavyweights.  Of course, there are many times when you will appreciate the fact that it's a lightweight gun.  Like, any time that you're carrying it.  What's more, these guns are beautifully balanced, and have a wonderful way of swinging into a perfect firing position.  We've never had a customer that was dissatisfied with this product. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The CFW line is handmade, and given its complexity, it is incredibly time consuming.  This makes it a bit expensive.  We have plans in development to move to more machine manufacturing, and we think that in doing so we will achieve a higher quality, and less expensive, product.  So, if you're not in a hurry for a  new stock, we would ask for your patience; wait just a little while longer, and we'll be better able to serve you.  In the meantime, our thanks for your interest.

"It makes a rifle you'll love to shoot."

Prices from $1200.  Please inquire about availability.

CFW stocks can be configured with an optional aluminum chassis.

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