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Please take a moment to read below the pack photos to learn more about our pack construction, our warranty, and our philosophyThanks for your visiting!


About our pack construction:  Our hunting packs are all made of special soft-finished fabrics.  They are chosen for their ruggedness and quiet qualities.  There are very few pack manufacturers that go to the extra expense of building their products out of premium fabrics such as ours (in fact, we don't know of any others).  You'll notice some of the difference in the feel of the pack; you can sense that there is a better quality about ours.  But the real difference is unseen:  Our fabric is lined with a special grade of polyurethane that makes it waterproof.  This membrane is important not just for waterproofing, but also because it remains supple even in very cold temperatures (as opposed to standard PVC-lined fabrics, which get stiff, and can even crack and break).  Our pack fabric by itself is quite rugged.  But because we don't ever want your pack to fail you, we go the extra mile and line the whole thing with nylon, sewn into the seams.  We add generous bar tacking throughout the pack, and make sure that all stress points are amply reinforced.  We do this, above all, so that you can go out on the hunt of a lifetime and know that your pack will be there for you.

Our military / law enforcement packs are made of premium 1000 denier nylon, with the same attention to detail, reinforcement, and tough overall construction that distinguishes our hunting packs.  The bottom line is that we know that we have a bunch of tough customers.  They're tough to please, and tough on their equipment.  We build packs that we think will exceed their expectations.

We don't use gimmicks.  Every detail is thoughtfully chosen, and if you think we've missed something, please tell us.  If we have one legacy that we want to leave, it would be a long list of very happy customers.

Eberlestock backpacks are all hydration compatible, with dedicated bladder pockets and drink tube portals.  You'll also notice new high-visibility interiors (no more hunting around for a black flashlight in a black hole), and large #10 zippers. 

We're on a continuous mission to improve our products.  Have an idea? we invite your feedback!  You'll find a "contact us" link at the top of every page of our website, and we'd appreciate hearing from you.

About the Quickdraw System:  We believe strongly in the fact that you'll do a better job in the field, whether you're chasing elk or chasing al qaida, if you have your weapon stowed in a place where you don't have to worry about it.  Having your hands free will give you better balance and control, whether you're negotiating rugged terrain or simply glassing.  But the essential part of carrying a gun or a bow on a pack, in our mind, is being able to get it off without screwing around with the pack and a bunch of straps.  So, we developed the Quickdraw System™.  The idea has evolved over the last 20 years (yep, we really have been making packs for that long; we just kept 'em to ourselves), and grew out of our experience in biathlon.  If you think about it, you'll realize that the Olympic sport of cross-country ski racing and rifle shooting is a pretty good proving ground for performance-oriented weapons carriage, access, and operation.  The Quickdraw System™ isn't a gimmick.  It's a better way of carrying a gun or a bow, and it's being discovered by more and more people every day.

Photos by Ron Spomer

With the Backscabbard™, getting a full- length gun off of your back happens quickly, easily, and in a highly organized fashion.  In two handholds, your gun will be free of the pack, and in two more handholds, it'll be in firing position.  It flows like this:

1.  Left hand: grab butt and extend arm.  2.  Right hand: grasp scope/action area and extend arm.  3.  Left hand:  grab forestock (or pistol grip if you're a lefty).  4.  Right hand:  move to pistol grip (or forestock if you swing left).     ...Need we say "aim and fire?"

The Ripcord Bow Tether™ brings the same concept to bow hunting.  Because we believe that simplicity is the essence of a great idea, we developed a simple solution:  Slip the bottom cam into a specially designed pocket, and loop a tether strap that you can release from the front side of the pack straps around the upper limb.  We even give you a red buckle for the release, so it's easy to catch out of the corner of your eye.  You can mount the Ripcord on either shoulder strap, and carry bows with the fletching up or the fletching down, so you can set up your rig for your own preferred operation.  A similar sequence as described for the Backscabbard will put your bow into your hands with minimal movements.

We're getting some terrific feedback about our products, and have a growing number of "true believers" out there who are enthusiastically telling all of their buddies about what great packs we've got.  The story typically goes, "I gave Jerry my Just One to try, and he liked it so much that he wouldn't give it back for three days."  One reason they love it is because of its comfort.  And of course, it's pretty hard to beat the kinds of innovations that we've incorporated in our designs.  But a key feature that's difficult to describe but is extremely important in a hunting or tactical pack is that it's quiet.  It rides your back like it's attached to you.  Your load doesn't swing around, which is one of the things that makes typical packs noisy.  And our packs are configured in a way that minimizes parts rubbing on one another.  So, when you're walking through a still forest, all you're going to hear is... silence.  We think you'll like what you don't hear.

Our Lifetime Warranty:  Lifetime.  Simple.  We think our stuff's made to last you a lifetime.  If you have a problem, we'll make it right. -- Which means that we'll either repair or replace our product, at our expense, if it fails due to normal use.  We define normal use the same way that you probably do:  anything other than willful damage or fire damage.  Products damaged by machinery or plain foolishness (hey, we all know it when we see it) will be repaired for a nominal fee.  If you want to confirm the cost of a repair prior to sending it to us, please feel free to contact us. 

The return ratio of our packs is statistically insignificant.  And you can see by some of the pictures on our website that our gear is being put to extremely hard use.  We're proud of that record, but not satisfied with it.  We're continuously striving to improve our products.  They're tough, made of premium components, and their quality is second to none.  But we're always looking for a way to make 'em better.

A note about pack volumes:  We feel that the important thing is that our customers have been generally quite happy with the size of our packs and their compartments.  We're often told that we've thought of everything, and although that's not a claim we'd ever make, we appreciate the compliment.  The bottom line is that our packs are appropriately sized to get the job done.  They carry a long-gun like nothing else on earth, and they are designed to be still-riders on your back, to be quiet, and to stay out of the way.  And, yep, they carry spotting scopes, and gear, and goodies, just like you'd expect them to.  Check out the pack comparison page to get a feel for the relative sizes of some of our packs.

A note about pack weights:  Some people think our packs are really light considering what they're designed to do.  Others think that they should be lighter.  All that we can tell you is that we think that the packs are appropriately weighted.  Their weight is purely a function of the materials used to build them combined with the proportions of the pack, and these are based upon two basic factors:  first, we use the best materials that we can find, period.  Second, the size results from the intended function, and from our quest for comfort.  So, yes, you might find lighter-weight products, and we know that you'll find heavier weight products.  But we think that it'll be pretty rare for you to find packs that have the balance that ours have.  We don't compromise on comfort and a tough structure, and we think that you'll appreciate that when it comes time to put yourself and your equipment to the ultimate test.


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