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PLEASE NOTE: The Spike Camp Duffel is designed to zip to the Just One, Dragonfly, and Blue Widow packs face-to-face, as shown in the photo at right... the idea being that this is primarily a transport mode, and you get the best weather protection with the zippers inboard. We mention this, because sometimes customers have wondered why we do it this way.

J2SD  Our Spike Camp Duffel  integrates perfectly with our J-series backpacks.  Carry it internally to protect your gear inside the utility compartment.  Or you can either zip or clip it onto the outside to convert the Just One to a 7000 cubic inch pack.  You’ll find that the Just One is the most versatile pack you’ve ever owned, and the J2SD will make it even better. 

Load it with your clothes and sundries, then drop it into your pack. When you reach camp, slip out the Spike Camp Duffel and set it in your tent.  Put your pack into its compact mode, and you’ll be ready for adventure.  Once you've bagged game, load the meat inside the meat compartment, put your gear outboard in the J2SD, and head off the mountain.

Available in solid colors only (not available in the camo shown on the pack photo; see J3SD below if you require a camo duffel).   Weight:  12 oz.

*Note:  The J2SD will not zip onto early models of the Just One, although it can still be used with the packs by drop-in or clip-on attachment.  It zips onto 2005 and onward packs.

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J3SD  Our Super Spike Duffel  takes our  Spike Duffel accessory to the next level. As with the J2SD, the Super Spike Duffel will mount internally or zip on to the pack in its expanded mode.  The J3SD differs from the regular Spike Duffel in that this one is made of our NT7 pack fabric.  It also provides direct access while mounted to the pack, features two internal tuck-pockets, a carry strap, and is larger than the J2SD.  With the J3SD mounted to the outside of the pack, your Just One will grow to over 8,000 cubic inches.

Weight:  1 lb, 4 oz.        


*Note:  The J3SD will not zip onto early models of the Just One, although it can still be used with the packs by drop-in or clip-on attachment.  It zips onto 2005-year and later packs.

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J3EP  We’ve made our Zip-in Front Panel to fit over the mesh panel of the main compartment of the “Just One” backpack.  You’ll find that the Just One is the most versatile pack you’ve ever owned, and little details like this will make it even better.  This panel will not only transform your pack into a conventional, fully enclosed backpack -- it’s also reversible.  So you can choose camo or high-visibility orange, based on the needs of the day.

Choose the lighter-weight nylon J2EP, or the NT-1 pack fabric reversible to blaze nylon J3EP.

The blaze orange panel can be attached to the pack even when it’s in the compact mode, to give an extra element of safety to the hunter.

Note:  Early J104 packs will require the earlier J4EP product.  The easiest way to tell which type you'll need is to look at the end of the scabbard.  If it's leather, get the J4EP (call or send us a note if you need this).

Weight:  6 oz.  

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Our Reversible Waterproof Rain Covers are tailor made to fit our backpacks.  Why offer a rain cover when our pack fabric is waterproof?  In driving rain, it's impossible to keep the innards of a backpack dry without an honest rain cover.  If you're going to be out for an extended trip in wet weather, or you'll be bivvying your pack, you'll appreciate having a nice rain cover along.  The J2RC is wider, to go over a Just One that’s fully expanded and loaded up, and can even cover a gun in the scabbard.  Or, you can leave the gun uncovered in case you’re in a place where you think you’ll need it quickly.  It also works well when the pack is compacted, because we have an aggressive elastic edging that pulls it tight around the pack.

The narrower, more compact G2RC works best for our smaller packs including the GS05 and X1, and also will cover the Just One when the pack's in the compact mode.

         Weight:  9 oz.    




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Our Featherweight Raincovers are a compact and excellent addition to any pack.  Like our reversible covers, these are designed to cover either the entire pack and a weapon that's being carried, or just the pack itself so that you can pull a gun from the scabbard.  High quality polyurethane- coated nylon.  Available in Coyote Brown, UNICAM, and SnowTech.  Weight:  4 oz.

Choose the narrower G1RC for G-series packs, or the wider J1RC for J-series packs.    

G1RC or J1RC  


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WXP3L  3 Liter Hydration Bladder.  Our backpacks are ready to accommodate top-of-the-line hydration systems, and we sell the very top.  All packs have dedicated bladder pockets and louvered tube portals. 

[Note: we have started to build packs without clips on the harnesses, because these have been prone to breakage.  So we now recommend that you either route the tube through the D-ring on the shoulder harness, or run it between the 1" webbing and the padded portion of the harness, depending on your preference].

We're pleased to offer you the ultimate hydration system.  Made by Source®, our custom-made, premium bladders use patented anti-bacterial technology, and Glass-like™ liner, so that you get a product that gives great tasting drinks and long life.  Plus, we've added our own specifications to make this into the hydration system that best does the jobs that we know our customers will be doing.  Special standard features include dual fill options (wide-mouth end opening for stream filling and drying -- plus screw cap) and a high quality weave covered insulated drink tube.  Our newest model is similar to the version chosen by the US Marine Corps; it has a Storm Valve for easier drinking, and is a subdued color.  Fits all packs except the X1.

Weight:  10 oz  


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WX2L  2 Liter Hydration Bladder.  The WX2L is made of the same premium materials as the WXP3L.  It also features a fabric edge band and a carry/hang strap.  Choose this system if you prefer a single-fill option (screw cap), or if you just don't want to carry all of that water!

Also, the WX2L fits all packs, and is recommended for the X1 pack.

Like our other hydration system, the WX2L has a Storm Valve for easier drinking, and is a subdued color.

Weight:  8 oz 


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ARSC-CP -- Scope Cover and Crown Protector Set  This set of padded protective covers is an evolution of some basic gear that military and police snipers use.  Features that are unique to our design:

  • Mid-CG Carry handle
  • Flip-open Dope Card viewer
  • Split velcro latches on scope cover allow use with a variety of weapon configurations
  • Velcro inside of split Crown Protector gives a snug fit against all sorts of barrel sizes and front sight configurations
  • Loop velcro name patch panel
  • Adjustable to all barrel lengths


ALBC -- The Longbow Carrier mounts onto all Eberlestock packs that have our Padlock system webbing strips on their lower frontal area. It's ideally suited for the X2, JP9 Blue Widow, or F3H Halftrack, and will also work on the G2 Gunslinger II, the J34, and newer-model J107s. It comes with self-mounting Annex Clips that allow you to attach it to a pack's Padlock matrix. The kit includes a Ripcord Tether. Available in Dry Earth only, to match the trim of our hunting packs.

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Accessory Straps  We're often asked how to tie stuff onto our packs.  Most of our packs have built-in compression straps that are perfect for cranking gear onto the pack, so that's one ready-made solution.  The packs also have Padlock matrixes in various locations, that let you add accessory compartments, or simply strap things on.  We offer these 1" accessory straps as a way to easily lash on sleeping bags, pads, tents, etc.   Choose from two types, the ACST regular ladder-lock strap (shown at left, approx. 24" long), or the ACSL long strap with side-release buckles (approx. 36" long).  

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Strap Keepers  These handy elastic bands come in packs of five -- one for each of the main compression straps on our packs.  They're a nice convenience item, to keep your pack looking tidy.

(Note:  These elastic bands come on the main compression straps of our new packs.  If you're ordering a new pack, and have questions about whether it includes them, please feel free to inquire).

              5-pack.  See Factory Store for current color availability.   

For more information on these accessories, and attaching them to our packs, click here:

Attaching Accessories

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Wear 'em wherever you want 'em!

Padded Accessory Cases  These deluxe lightweight padded cases are specially designed to integrate with our products.  They are hooked on to our packs with the Padlock system, or can be slung onto a sternum strap.  These are not ordinary accessory pouches.  As you would expect from Eberlestock, we offer only high-quality, finely built cases designed to protect valuable equipment.  The pouches have our Patent Pending new Padlock attachment system, and can also be attached with any standard PALS accessory attachment clips.  Please click on the button below the photos at left for instructions on attachment of Padlock accessories.

 The A2SP ,top, and shown again in size comparison photo with Nikon LX Premier 10 x 42 is a binocular-sized case, with a second front pocket for small sundries.  The main compartment is lined with an extra-soft, fleece-like material.    See Factory Store for current color availability.

Weight:  6 oz.

The A1SP (in OD at upper left) is sized to fit a range finder or small camera.  it is lined with our high-visibility light gray interior nylon.    See Factory Store for current color availability.

Weight:  4 oz. 


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A1SS Side Scabbard   Our side scabbard will mount to the Padlock matrixes on the sides of our packs, and is a great way to carry a shotgun or a flyrod, in addition to whatever you're carrying in the main scabbard.

The A1SS attaches to standard MOLLE-compatible webbing. Alternatively, it can be clipped into the Control Clips and carried inside our Gunslinger pack's Backscabbard.  Used this way, you can put both a shotgun and a rod tube or a tripod into the main scabbard, and keep them from clanking together.  Or, if you're a tactical operator, well, you can see that this is a great way to carry an entry gun or other tactical shotgun in addition to all of the other stuff that you're carrying.

This is another "no holds barred," high quality product, as you have come to expect from Eberlestock.  Includes a built-in Padlock strap, which will allow you to attach the Side Scabbard to our packs.

25"H x 5"W x 1.5"D

Weight:  9 oz. 



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Magic Carpet Shooting Mat   This is a simple and effective tool that the professional shooter will appreciate.  Carry it rolled up, and when it's time to set up a shooting station, you simply hold the end and toss the mat out.  With its weighted end, it unfurls and you're ready to go. 

It's long enough to cover the distance from below your knees to well in front of your barrel, so it is an effective muzzle blast dust suppression barrier.

We offer two styles of this product:

For the greatest compactness when rolled up, choose the non-padded A1SM.  For comfort padding under the section of the mat which you'll lay on, choose the A2SM.

PVC backing makes it waterproof.

Coyote Brown, or more simply, the color of dirt.





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Replacement Hip Belts  These Deluxe Mainline waistbelts will fit all of our packs.  (Newer models with removable belts).

The small belt is recommended for waists 32" and down.


The Large (bottom) will fit waists from 44" to 56".     

Color selection will vary; see ordering page for current colors.   

  About our Shooter's Harness:  After extensive field testing, we selected what we think is the perfect balance between a desire for a thinner harness for shooting, and a comfortable harness for... comfort, of course!  Counter to what you'd expect, the high-grade foam in this thinner harness follows the contours of your shoulders in a way that makes it more comfortable under a load than standard thicker pads.

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Long or Short Shooter's Harness    For J34, X1A1, X1E, G2, G3, G4, F3, F4, or GS05 backpacks.  

The long harness adds from 2" to 6" of length to each shoulder pad, depending on pack model (it's 2" longer than most newer packs' harnesses).  It makes a bigger difference than you'd think, really increasing the range of size of the adjustable shoulder harnesses on these packs.  A good choice for either large-shouldered individuals, or for those with longer torsos.

The short harness is about 2" shorter, and a little narrower than our production packs, and it makes the G-series and B-series packs perfect for kids, women, and smaller-statures.





See our Storm Case or Online Store pages for a wider selection of cases, including those that can be carried inside of our packs, or strapped onto their fronts. 

Storm Cases models are available for every application, including rifle cases, shipping cases either with or without protective foam and dividers, and photo gear cases that can go inside of our packs.

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Storm Case  Heading out?  Maybe you’re flying to Alaska, or to Africa.  Here’s a great idea:  Get your gear all set up and loaded in your pack, and put it in here.  This lockable, ultra tough, ultra high-quality shipping case will protect it from the elements and the airlines.  It’ll get to wherever you’re headed just as snug as a bug, and it’ll be ready to go as soon as you get there.  Or maybe you’re just heading out to for a morning hunt with your buddy Jerry and his dogs, and you don’t want the dogs to eat your lunch on the way.  If there’s any reason that you’d want to protect your pack and its contents, we recommend these exceptional cases. 

The iM2950 (shown at left) is the perfect size to hold a fully packed Just One.  For more gear, choose the deeper iM2975.   If you want something a little smaller that’ll hold either a Just One or Skycrane in the daypack mode, or any of our smaller packs, try the iM2720.  These cases come with roller wheels, retractable handles, Press & Pull latches, durable soft grip handles, a Vortex Valve, a lifetime guarantee, and a great price.

HPX resin.  Black, Grey, Yellow, Orange, or Olive.  USA.

iM2975:  29 x 18 x 13.8”    [MSRP $300.00]  Our Price: $249.00   (15.00)

iM2950:  29 x 18 x 10.5”    [MSRP $282.00]  Our Price: $229.00   (15.00)

iM2720:  22 x 17 x 10”       [MSRP $247.00]  Our Price: $209.00   (15.00)




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