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Eberlestock products are protected by the following US Patents:

6,637,633,  6,763,987

  7,654,426,  7,735,701, 8,397,965,  D346,846, D692,084 and Patents Pending.

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Airwave Pouch, A1AA Micro Dry Bag, A1DB Mini Pouch, A1BC Small accessory pouch, A1SP AN2P, 2L Pouch
A2SP, Large accessory pouch Mulit pack pouch, A2MP A3SB, 3L Saddlebag Lp1, Fanny Top Pack
J2SD, Spike Camp Duffel, Duffel J3SD, Super spike duffel, duffel Dry Bag, J2DB, J-type dry bag 5L, Dry Bag, 5L Dry Bag, A2DB Bird bag, 1900 cu in, A4BB
A1SS, Scabbard, Shotgun Scabbard, Shotgun holster Rifle scabbard, rifle holster, A2SSA1SS, Scabbard, Shotgun Scabbard, Shotgun holster Rifle scabbard, rifle holster, A2SS
Sniper scabbard, rifle scabbard, A2LS A4SS, scabbard, tactical weapon scabbard ALBC, bow carrier, long bow Jstc, scabbard cover, butt cover, rifle cover GSTC, Wide scabbard cover, butt cover,
Arcg, bow bucket, bow carrier, rifle carrier  
shooting rest, A1SR, ARCP, Sheild and crown protector ARSC-CP, Scope, Scope cover, crown protector Zip in panel, J3EP, J34, J107, J51 Map case, Map, P12
AGIF, Endo Frame, pack frame AG2S, gossamer, frame, pack frame Rain cover Rain cover, Large rain cover, G2RC, J2RC Shooting Mat, A1SM, A2SM
AGIF, Endo Frame, pack frame AGIF, Endo Frame, pack frame  
WX2L, 2L bladder, hydration 3L bladder, Source hydration ALICE clips, ALICE, clip E1ES, Strap keepers Accessory Straps,
WX2L, 2L bladder, hydration APSK ACSE SB  
Shooters Harness Hipbelt regular, hip belt large, hip belt Large pad hipbelt Large Hipbelt,  


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